Remember this?

Wiki has a page on them, I don’t know how biased it is. I’ve scrolled through for 100-eye doge purposes and found some I need to research, if you’re interested

[Aramesh Dustdar] is known in Iran as a secular Heideggerian philosopher (in contrast to Reza Davari Ardakani who is a religious Heideggerian philosopher).

Probably going with Ardakani first given I know plenty of secular Heideggerians already. We’ve had these people surrounded by our military for years, I’d like to know about their less fundamentalistic ones.

Then there’s Pirouz Mojtahedzadeh, a professor of geopolitics. In 2007 he published two books, titled Boundary Politics and International Boundaries of Iran and The UAE and Iranian Islands of Tunbs and Abu Musa. Want to understand our wars with Iraq and Afghanistan? Probably will find some alien perspectives from him.

I found more women on this list than I expected, are they just nuns over there who are allowed to read or what? Maybe that’s why they don’t want us knowing about them.

Then you find a few like this

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