The only people who could inspire me were banned, many years ago. I say that Jack is the first one to be murdered by a vigilante (who? the one reading this.) This is a satire account after all. We only like to joke about murderous psychopaths shooting in the head people who deserve to die, that’s what we do here. Doesn’t that make you laugh? Jack Dorsey being murdered? That does make me laugh, it’s all just a pun or whatever. Somewhere in California he travels about and if he died suddenly from someone shooting him in the head with a sniper rifle that would be good humor, no? Just the idea, not the reality. We don’t want Jack Dorsey of California to be murdered by some psychopath with a sniper rifle, because that wouldn’t be good for the country. And if Zuckerberg followed? That would also be bad. If we found the corpse of Zuckerberg without a head on its body, that isn’t something that would make us happy. We’d be very sad that these two died, from a gun. That someone who followed them around used, because they knew how to do it without getting into trouble. That is something that would make me very sad, if they died from murder. Hopefully no one does that, because that would be bad. Hopefully no one shoots them both in the head with a sniper rifle and gets away with it.

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