They’re at the turn of the century over in Iran. On March 21st it will be the year 1400.

Here is something Ardakani wrote about recently

By proving that the humanities and social sciences are Western, some people can say that instead of these Western sciences, we want Iranian-Islamic sciences. This demand is justified in some ways.

Only those of us in the west attuned to the ills of modernity will nod with him and say Yes, that is justified in some ways. If they got us to where we are now they can’t be all that humanistic or scientific. Can you imagine being one of the more perceptive Muslims like Ardakani and being surrounded by troops, tanks, helicopters, and fighter jets that enforce western decadence? I understand those suicide-bombers.

Wasn’t expecting to see this sort of futurist thought from an Iranian tbh

If new humanities are to be established, first the level of research in the current science must be reached. A sociologist with a great economist is better than someone who has read at most one or two books and articles in sociology and economics.

That’s the kind of attitude that we would have on the Moon, ideally. New humanities, new Wissenschaften.

There are two general ways of being against our occupation of the middle east. One is out of a spirit of libertarianism, which presupposes value-neutrality, i.e. other peoples shouldn’t be interfered with purely on the axiomatic grounds that other peoples shouldn’t be interfered with. The other perspective is rarer- we shouldn’t occupy the middle east to promote democracy because democracy is evil. From this perspective, it isn’t controversial at all to presuppose that America is a failed state, and thus that the notion of Americanizing other parts of the world is itself a war crime and an error of the highest order. Most people don’t see this about America because they are themselves Americans, how could they? To some of us this isn’t even controversial…

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