Found another one like Davari. I prefer to have more to go off than wikipedia, it’s just not easy to find much on these people.

This seems right

Abdolkarimi believes that the human being’s future thought is a kind of nonsecular-nontheological thinking, namely a way of thinking that is in disagreement to the secular, materialistic interpretation of the world, but at the same time does not settle in any historic, theological systems.

I found him grouped among philosophers of nihilism. What gives Iranians an advantage over us is that they are from a culture where God isn’t dead.

I should’ve expected this, I wonder what other countries weaponize him against “us”

Thinking of the Iranians in light of the idea of “the civilization continent” from this post, where my map obsession began- to this day, one cannot expect indigenous peoples from South America or Africa to incorporate Western philosophy at the level that these Middle Easterners do. It’s like the Russians- we have an intrinsic dislike of Muslims–yes, we–because they’re so similar to us, whereas we naturally presuppose that South Americans and Africans are savages. Realism. Reading some of the ways Putin’s Press has treated that recent potential poisoning story I do have to say that the word “animals” crossed my mind a couple times. And then the sand peoples tend to be beneath them. Anyway, there are exceptions among them, here are some names you might want to research

I read that some of these are from the fourth generation of intellectuals in Iran. They began to look outside of Persia in the 19th century.

From Abdolkarimi’s website

Know the “enemy”

Marx isn’t foreign to them either, unsurprisingly

They resisted Marxism, they resisted Americanization, they hate Israel, they oppress women, they’re Theocrats- what’s not to like?

So glad to have “equality” with people like this

(Abdolkarimi has a book on neech too)

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