What’s going on in North Korea anyway?

That’s a lot of land where hell could be present. I figured I’d look into it since the narrow-minded leftist nationalists here are so distracted by status-games and overwhelmed by guilt over the unfounded boogeymen of systemic racism and their indirect role in slavery that they don’t care about the other 7 billion non-whites on the planet.

Anyway, someone might want to translate this. They say Thae Yong-ho’s writing is detached and unmarred by moralizing.

A couple other higher-ups

Surprisingly few have escaped

People here are too busy doing God’s work of posting the futile and counter-productive “defund the police!” to help them. A reason why it’s only 31k

They don’t even understand the need to exit – sound familiar? It’s even worse than you think- apparently most of the refugees are criminals, they don’t flee for the kind of “freedom” you probably have in mind. Thus, in South Korea they’re discriminated against. If you wanted to hear their stories of what it’s like over there that’s where you’d have to go, because the NK refugee population outside of SK is only 2000. Some of them “return” to NK, sinisterly

This must drive Kim up a wall

Kim is a pedophile by the way. He chooses only the most select specimens from his brainwash-schools, whichever little girls have the nicest legs they say. When I read this kind of thing I can’t breathe!

All these female soldiers look pretty intimidating

The behind the scenes is they all get raped. Not like they are ever even taught what rape is, that’s just normal for men to do over there.

Most don’t escape through the demilitarized zone, it’s more roundabout and sometimes takes months

Then once they get to South Korea people hate them because they’re not adjusted to the fast-paced capitalist lifestyle.

You know what happens to the ones who get caught on their way there

In the gulags they’re fed meager servings of rotten vegetables and worked worse than animals, and are regularly tortured and degraded

So how much do you like the idea of Kim developing nukes in order to defend a country like this?


The non-whites here have it so bad that it’s better to never think about the other 7 billion.

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