Meditating on the heart of Christ again

I hate to say it, all of our problems are from that.

The Christian heart concentrated in the obvious place here

It’s no coincidence. I remember that sage of being a terrible monster, Collen Ryan, one of the last things he said before he signed out was he was going to find an Italian wife. See the way I instinctively refer to him? I’m part-Christian too. It seems the Meds remained aligned with antiquity to some degree, though they have a similar problem to the northerners, relative to the rest of the world. And that’s precisely the problem in the context of the heart of Christ- the world. For the hundredth time, I suggest you try not to wince, when I say, historically we were various national socialist peoples. Christianity works when it’s abstracted from a globalist context. That Caring Heart. These are your brothers and sisters. psst, except on the other side of that seawall or that mountain wall, or even worse, that dreaded arbitrary manmade border, no heart of Christ for them. Even then when there was mingling of the peoples of Europe there wasn’t too much of a problem (snobs will remark, yes there was, and I won’t disagree). It’s different when you show that kindness to people generally speaking who do not have a “eurosoul”. You know the idea of nice people being taken advantage of? That’s what I see playing out now that the heart of Christ has the technology and transportation that enables it to interpret the peoples of the world outside of Europe. People who are too nice who would rather be sacrificed than not be nice enough. This didn’t happen in the individual countries of Europe when we were developing the heart of Christ. Because then, we were surrounded by people who were approximately as nice as we were. I mean, not to not be nice or anything, I just look at the crime statistics, and look at the number of countries a certain people has been kicked out of, and I don’t think these tend to be “nice” people. They want to use you for something for their own personal gain. And if it all turns into a heartless society, they don’t care, because they are already heartless themselves, they never had a history of Jesus Christ. What upsets my fellow “Christians” is that the Nazis and Fascists who I tend to be “nice” to are seen as heartless themselves. When the reality is that they saw that this niceness of their surrounding Europeans could be threatened if it didn’t sometimes act mean. The Nazis and Fascists had their own version of Christianity. If you’re too nice, that isn’t even being nice anymore, because all that means is that you’re allowing pre-christian people to bring the hell and sin of their non-christian places of origin to where you live.

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