If someone like this kept telling me about her tits I’d have no respect for her

“Why do you keep even mentioning this, dude?”

Because that’s the world I am in because of the people I am surrounded with.

If I used ai-derived algorithms to talk about tits you would only look down on me. Here we go, I’m going to quote a movie – what would you think about that? Only something a nigger would do. Progressivism is nigger future and nothing else. We felt bad! Using non-human decisions to take the place of black people, it felt like the right thing to do. Yeah until your population doesn’t care about reading, only fucking, that is what the degraded stage of leftism is centered on today. “We need people who don’t think at all!” – no different from Islamic peoples. It’s a conscious will toward stupidity, that’s it. Fuck braindead niggers who need to rely on AI is there battle-cry. “It’s good it people in the future do that.” No it’s not, you continually forgive quoting movies. You don’t want that in the future. A world of people who quote white people movies saying my dick, you’re a hole and nothing else, you’re already a nigger. Otherwise if you disagree I am right to esteem the following woman even if she had 75 IQ and only reported about her breasts

Huge tits, it’s the meaning of life! Nothing is more important than them.

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