This sentiment says a lot

He’s so candid that it causes them pain. The media represents sugarcoating. Whatever you want to tell yourself, Trump is hated because he’s right. Progs hate him because they think it’s wrong for him to be right. Whatever you want to tell yourself. And Trump is an extreme sugarcoater relative to other reactionaries. Going through some of his tweets on the Middle East I realized all this. They don’t want politics to be so explicit. They’d rather that was discussed where the bioleninists of America and the world didn’t have to see it. I think progs will miss him on some level when he’s gone. His tweets will no doubt be made into a book. It’s definitely something to do with twitter that causes so much hate. It’s too democratic, he has too close a connection with the people that way. They hate him less for what he says than for the way he is. He’s a charismatic white male who isn’t obsequious (again, relatively) and doesn’t take people’s shit, here or from other countries. He doesn’t have to say anything racist, his existence alone is racist. They don’t like white males telling it how it is, again, despite whatever you want to tell yourself you baby back bitch.

I love this picture because it pisses people off for all the wrong reasons

Not like I’m particularly fond of all these upstanding gentlemen..

(I had to see it, so do you!)

.. it’s just that even if they all were saints people would still hate them. Why? Because they’re pOwErFuL wHiTe MaLeS

Just look at yourselves, utterly pathetic.

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