Just got done getting exploited at my job, time to hate on some Marxists with a clear conscience (unironically).

China – Cuba – Laos – Vietnam

Tell me about those places, Marxists. Marx and Engels there are like what Washington and Lincoln are here, and aren’t Marx and Engels /yourguys/?

This is a self-deception they never address. If there was a country that had Nietzsche as the thinker-in-chief, I’d probably move there, or at least spend a couple years there to see what it was like. I’d probably be obsessed with it to some degree. Yet, I never see socialists even mention these places. Why is that? Is it because you’re hypocrites or??

These are some of the places with the least freedom in the world too, by several standards of evaluation. Would I want to be parachuted into the middle of a Muslim country or a Marxist country and need to escape to the border? Pretty much a coinflip, some of their qualities render them indistinguishable from one another.

So why don’t you move to one if you’re going to be propagating socialism here? Couldn’t you post your writings for us while living in one of these countries? You’d seem a lot less like a hypocrite if you did that. My sense is that your soul is corrupt, something morbid and festering there, you can put on a happy face and speak in nice language, it doesn’t matter, I see through you, I see into you, some kind of demonic, satanic, absence of morality is what moves your soul. A depraved murderous animal who would probably look the other way if they heard they were starving reactionaries in gulags in the USA.

All of the countries mentioned see themselves as working toward “real socialism”, seems like that would be of interest to you. Why not move to one? Why take absolutely no interest in any of them and yet proclaim that America should be socialist? It’s a very stark hypocrisy that I don’t expect them to address, because they’re simply bad people, and that’s all there is to say about them.

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