In an ideal state you

The disturbing way I read the establishment- “you” could say the idea of stupidification isn’t exactly your …. no one will ever mention that. The globe is equal, let us stress that. The globe is beautiful, there are no criminals or criminal gangs. We progs like every single type of person on this earth in fact. Let’s hear it for the people who only promote vice and nothing else! Cheer! It’s time to applaud for the people who believe in no right vs. wrong. You are such beautiful people, would you mind if I applauded for you?

Jew Trash, murder every last one for never defecting against their own people. Every single Jew deserves to die for never saying anything about the lobotomy carried out in the west at the present time.

You worthless Jew, the best thing one can say to God in this time is- you deserved it, and even worse.

YHWH and Allah don’t mean anything, the Jews deserved the holocaust and a second holocaust.

If I hear about a shooting, that would make me very unhappy, I’d be so sad if Jews died.

Dropping on the ground with blood flowing from their skulls, that isn’t something I’d like, no no I’d hate that, if that happened America would only get worse, because Jews make life better here, obviously. They’re supreme beings who can’t be criticized for good reason, they are extremely wise, please do not shoot jews in the head with guns. I wouldn’t advise shooting jews in the head with guns. If you started murdering blacks and jews and other bioleninists that wouldn’t be good. If you just up and decided to start murdering people who make our country “objectively better” I would not be approving of that. That would be so sad if those awful jews started dropping like the flies they are, I’d hate that. If Jews were indiscriminately murdered, not good not good, we want subversive people like them in the country, because they’re jews, don’t you understand? We love jews here, we wouldn’t want them to die.

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