Even the simplest things can be so racist classist sexist

Whoever made these is insensitive, I will skip one I found because it will make certain people too emotional- there, this one is better

See, this is simple stuff. Thing is, it’s almost impossible to even talk about, because it’s not often interpreted by the higher thinking part of the brain. Do you ever want to do an alligator roll on me?

This is bogus. The idea that modern humans appeared 200,000 years ago on earth is bogus. You sure you’re not using the emotional part of your brain to interpret this? You don’t want to be like the one on the left here do you?

Modern humans didn’t appear 200,000 years ago, it was about 2,400 years ago. And only a minority of modern humans are alive today.

This ain’t brain surgery folks

Well, actually it might be even more difficult than brain surgery. I’m not exaggerating.

As I’ve said before, I always thought the people IRL were dreary and dull, and that being able to find millions of people around the world using the internet would change my general experience. It has, just not very much. Next to no one uses this part of the brain that “humanity” supposedly acquired 2-3 million years ago. I’m not trying to be mean with any of this, just using my rational brain.

I do a search for australian aboriginal neurophysiology, not expecting to even find anything, because I know how totalitarian they are about this stuff. I find this instantly of course

Talking about the brain incites the emotional and survival sides of people’s brains to “think”. An irony only a minority will truly appreciate.

Are you feeling chill? Cool? Just checking. Because I did find a study from 1986 before people started to get extremely emotional about all of this.

Just think of it as a science class, christ. Christ probably has a role in this too not to mention.

All leftists would be getting a red F- on their report card.

Just a normal dude being a normal dude in Australia, what’s wrong with that?

See all the obstacles in even beginning to speculate about bringing into existence a “neoneocortex”? All the implications of that only cause revenge from the emotional and survival parts of people’s brains.

Once again I emphasize that it’s an ignoble lie to say that modern humans appeared 200,000 years ago. This way of speaking is an example of religion getting in the way of evolutionary theory.

Still thinking with the rational part of the brain?

You don’t want to be reminiscent of the three on the left here, do you? Don’t want to get a red F- on your “Are you truly a modern human?” test, do you?

Here, you put in good effort

Once you get in the B range we might start considering whether you have a right to participate in the democratic process. That’s all for now, have a nice day! Make sure to do your homework.

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