The exitest map ever

I feel weird for being obsessed with this stuff- does anyone else love maps?

The reason all these people exited to these places was because they didn’t need scientific studies about brains to “skip about five grades” relative to those of us born in this globalist order.

All those different people who exited looked at each other slightly similarly to how they looked at the indigenous ones they settled the land of. Otherwise they wouldn’t have been distinct countries.

We saw what the Alps have done for Italy, we saw how the English Channel acts as a natural moat (lol) – Does this even surprise you about France and Spain?

Then what is peculiar to you, looking at this part of the initial map?

My thought is, why didn’t France and Germany turn into a melting pot? I mean, it kind of did- that explains Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. That’s how they found peace, those countries are their own sort of “wall”.

Geography explains a lot about what we call “nationalities”

Without those mountains, strong “us vs. them” mentalities developed in place of the mountains (or sea, or desert), which, as we saw with Russiagate, are alive and thriving today.

Geography isn’t as important anymore now that we have technology and transportation.

Meditate on this initial map again with what has been said in mind

All those people who exited, who developed distinct cultures based on natural and mental borders are now living in a place north of various peoples with their own distinct cultures. That is the predominant political situation of today, as is palpably recognized by the president’s campaign being based around a wall, and the division that caused in the country.

Just as a thought-experiment, imagine if the Mediterranean Sea had been land

The foundations of Western civilization would have likely mingled with the Middle Eastern peoples, and given the latter’s hostility to freethinking and science, we probably wouldn’t have the 1st world countries we do today. Same situation with Mexico, Central America, and South America. Without any definitive border between us and them, we are going to turn into them more and more. More poverty, more crime, a decline of taste in art and concern for the sciences, are only a few examples of what we can anticipate with our historically unprecedented aversion to borders.

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