How would you like to step on one of these?

You progs should be doing this! Shouldn’t have to leave it to someone who identifies with Joseph Goebbels. You have to learn how to permatrip, your world-awareness is off-putting.

The Laotians’ highest traffic website is owned by the largest state-owned bank, Banque Pour Le Commerce Extérieur Lao. What could this mean? Wouldn’t you like to solve the mystery of this?

Who are these fucking clowns?

Why is their bank in French, who is this Frenchy?

Sorry, I can empathize with this, can you guess how?

This bank was established in 1975. What else happened in Laos in 1975. The Marxist party, the Pathet Lao, took over the country, ending their 600-year-old monarchy, eventually sending the royal family to die in a gulag.

Think this bank is connected with this at all?

Oops, is someone internationally monitoring them right now??

Again, I do find it easy to empathize with these people

“What about Trump though?!” Trump is incredibly politically correct. Contemporary republicanism is a form of leftism.

“Who cares about the Laotians, a Black man was shot yesterday in our own country!”

So are you an anti-racist or not? You seem to me like you’re… an American. It seems to me that you don’t really even care about helping other races per se, it’s more about following trends. You don’t believe in Truth, you don’t believe in the good-in-itself, politics for you is doing only what is expected from you so that you appear to be a good person. That does not a good person make.

Living in a constant state of fear

The government attempts to monitor social media usage for content and images that portray Laos negatively, courts hand down heavy sentences in response to the posting of such material. In November 2019, a court sentenced a Laotian citizen to five years in prison for criticizing the government in a Facebook post.

80% of Laotians are farmers

I don’t know if Socialism actually helped these people

What percentage of non-whites here have to farm their own food to survive? Talk about privileged. You’re trend-following Americans, you don’t actually care about non-whites.

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