I love division

This can get pretty depressing depending on who you are, so I can understand why people who talk about it are kept out of the public

Would you like to live in a country populated by people who are three million to ten thousand years behind in evolution? I mean, there are plenty to move to, if you wanted to do that. Many have Western technology so it’s not like you’re going to be living in… the stone age. I remember being taught about the stone age in school as a kid- are they even allowed to teach that anymore? Globalization and the forgetting of history are often entwined.

For the thousandth time, my intention isn’t to be mean, it’s “Want to know history?”

You know that with me I think that religion has played a crucial role in evolution

Domestication of animals = free time = more abstract thinking

= three million to ten thousand years of generations of brain development

You understand yet why the globalists marginalize people who talk about anything even closely related to this?

Anyway, one can divide the ones who matter even further

Huh, weird, I just realized I’m pretty much a Sicilian Dane

R1b-U106, you English happy to be so closely related to the Germans? This is the one they most want to give as a charity-offering to the paleolithic peoples. Please just invest in CRISPR, we don’t want to go back three million years, that took a lot of effort. Even those English and Germans who are in the same group diverged so much that they had a war over this very question. Imagine how much all of Europe has diverged from the paleolithic peoples.

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