In awe that he’s an enemy of the cathedral even to this day

Can you say the same for any of these others?

This reminds me of how we took down those Iranian websites

Behold the enemy of the West

Year 1 is our 622 “AD”. 622 was the time that Muhammad migrated from Mecca to Medina. He was persecuted by idolaters. This must shape the Muslims living today.

Hazem Abu Murad, the head of Gaza’s bomb squad, estimated that Israel had dropped between eighteen to twenty thousand tons of explosives on Gaza since 7 July.

This is from an August 2014 article. Interesting that six year old articles would be among the first in the jewgle results. -scrolling, scrolling, still haven’t found an answer to the question “How many bombs have been dropped on Palestine?”-

One from 2015 wtf

One from August 2014 now, did they just stop bombing 4 years ago? I suspect not

Wow Jimmy Wales dude you’re so helpful, wonder why you have to beg for donations

Over 70 years ago, how relevant

Mysteriously reminded of these

-scrolling, scrolling- Whoa, finally an article from this August

This is from Quatari state-owned media. Has all of “our” media here simply decided to not report on these bombings? It appears so.

Can expect more objectivity from them on the Palestinians

Objectivity, or rather, reporting on them at all

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