Another moment of surprise as I notice futuristic qualities of certain Muslims

Many are probably going “Sigh!” Whatever, you’re just wrong, because your brain is Jewed. Maybe calling them evil is a bit harsh, nonetheless, something approaching this falls squarely in the category of “an ideal future”.

If the US-Israel alliance had the resources they’d destabilize the entire Middle Eastern region, don’t you understand that? Look what Qatar added the year the Iraq War started

They must hate this!! And that’s why I love it. Qatar is on its way to modernizing while preserving its traditions, they must hate it!

If you don’t think our media establishment needs to be rebuilt from the ground-up it’s because you’ve been hypnotized by them, likely irremediably. Lock yourself in your garage with your muffler running.

They launched an initiative in 2008 called the Qatar National Vision 2030 aiming to “transform Qatar into an advanced society” – we should have something visionary like that, pretty soon these kinds of Muslims are going to go beyond the West.

For the deprogramming file

No doubt in my mind that they will produce films that are 100x less corrupting than most that exist in the English language. Qatari film- one of the sole alternatives to Hollywood?

To recall how the following is a threat, see here

Atlantis could rise there, who knows

Maybe some day it will be a viable exit patch, it looks sort of like one

Hopefully it doesn’t take after the UAE. The next Singapore or Hong Kong?

The implications of the following, in light of their “peculiar” education mentioned in the initial quote of this post

They will develop interpretations of texts alien to our anglo-jewish order, I’m excited for them. This is all from the Qatar Foundation btw

Notice how he looks like Saddam and she looks like a babe? (forgive me your Majesty, forgive me Allah!) You know that they want to make him into the next Arab Santa, right?

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