Nope don’t like that

This is such an underlooked method of imperial brainwash. They think they’re just movies. They’re not just movies. They program people with ideas in a more effective manner than any other form of art. Think of a political pamphlet. Film’s utilization of vision and sound does that a lot more effectively than any political pamphlet, and the reality is that it often is a sort of political pamphlet, subtly subtly.

After our exploration of the situation over in present-day ‘Nam you might have mixed feelings about this

A lot of these countries DO need their theaters to be used for political movements, it’s just a question of what kind of political movement, and it’s questionable whether we want to instigate a revolt America-ward.

Looking up the American movies that have been banned around the world, I’m surprised by how lenient most countries are

It must be so subtle that they don’t understand how many movies do something very similar. Maybe you have to be an American yourself to even see it? Because it’s so subtle? Maybe you’d have to grow up watching them all the time to pick up on it? These countries might not understand what they’re importing.

If they knew what was going on in a good portion of the movies produced here, this would be the rule rather than the exception. Basically, watch an American movie and you’re just asking to be subliminally Americanized.

“You’re being over-dramatic! You’re a fascist!” No and yes. Actually, no and no, I’m a Platonist.

No Germany, you’re doin’ it wrong. My impetus is the categorical imperative, I refuse to watch them myself and I universalize that to all of humanity. You do not want to be infected by the demo-leveling tendency pervasive in the US.

Searching for a list of good international films now. I don’t trust media produced from any of those places above where Italy consooms the most from. Better off with film from Iran and China most likely. As I mentioned in a few other posts, there seems to be more of a government-imposed connection between art and morality in these two countries.

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