The “crypto-UN”, that’s funny, that’s how it feels posting a lot of the time.

I’m researching international cinema now as part of my general project toward pure perception unconditioned by the culture I’m from. “That’s impossible.” Pure, sure. More pure, not so impossible. Before France swirled down the drain there was Bataille, and he once defined philosophy as how to get out of the human situation. Can that be done? Probably not. Understanding other cultures is just a step in that direction. What the “human situation” referred to here is is actually the inhuman situation. We want to sort through the various cultures to distinguish what is truly human. This was Plato’s project, which I discuss here. Consensus-reality, what I often disparage as “the world”, is not human in the strict sense of that term, the Ideas are truly human, arbitrary culture that unreflectively reinforces vice is what is not human. All the cultures of today seem to be fragmented pieces of a total-human, some reflect Ideas better than others. The Western mind only has the resources for the Idea of ideology – Idealogy if you will – the reality is that the mind of the West is not itself one of the Pure Ideas that can be perceived in the world- there are rather dead Westerners who are opposed to the currently prevailing ideology that can be drawn from, that’s the closest thing we have to an Idea here. And looking at the fact that Saudi Arabia for instance only began making movies two years ago(!) I realize we can’t expect many developing countries to use the most convincing artform available to refine our idea of the Ideas during this early phase of theirs. Am I just stereotyping here? You watch a Saudi Arabian movie and you tell me (and without any pity playing a role in your evaluation). Just a casual scroll, and it seems like it will be tainted by Islam as much as our movies here are tainted by liberal democracy (which is of course the standard euphemism in place). So, from this logic, I deduce that Russian cinema might be more balanced. Movies appeared in Paris in the late 19th century, and the Russians soon followed their lead, though only about 10% or so of the movies made prior to 1920 have survived to this day. What, do you immediately stereotype Russians and conclude what must have happened to those movies? What are you, some kind of racist, I thought you hated racists, why would you have that thought at all? I digress, the point is that the Russians are our enemies much like the Saudis, and the Russians were familiar with this artform about the same time “we, the West” were. So I also wonder about “Duginist” elements in film over there. Because, let’s admit it, no one wants to admit it, there’s something uhh “dorky” about Asian movies, and I can only expect that movies from the Middle East will have some kind of unaesthetic quality that only our pity will blind us to (crypto-UN moment, heh). With China it began early too. Are you starting to get the Idea yet? Those stereotypes you might have about China, might actually be accurate. Russian and Chinese people are too totalitarian in their way of thinking to expect much from them. Arab nations are even worse than them, so I wouldn’t expect good movies unless I was somehow a judaeo-christian audience who feels pity for the surrounding world. Yeah I mean, if an Australian aboriginal wandered around talking with a camcorder I’d think that was a mark of progress for Australian aboriginals–and that would be from the perspective of a Christian civilization that pities them. I hear the Australian aboriginals have a talent with the boomerang. The problem with that is, they can’t take that to the level of having a conversation. Do you know of a book by an Australian aboriginal that would change my mind? I know of a few where white people talk about Australian aboriginals. Does that count? Your pity might tell you it does.

I just want to know the nature of being. What are these people in the world? What is the “Idea of people”? Unconfined by any idea of existing cultures, what would you say are some of the defining characteristics of the Idea of what “a people” is?

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