I thought finding that one Iranian news site was clever- no, this is clever

I imagine that fat POS Robert Maxwell in his morning robe, chewing a cigar, and reading foreign newspapers specially delivered to him. Now everyperson can.

Might need to find an even better site though cuz I’ve gotten these two advertisements on there so far

I found this casual remark

Iranian Einsteins? At least five have been killed, mostly via car-bomb.

Not to brag, I can relate- so many people have bombed me in their own ways. Kike-cogs all of ya, and I hope I’ve made you suffer.

Anyway, I wonder what we can learn about ourselves from this unfree socialist state

“You need to think about the events going on in your own country!” What, people who were supposed to be born in a jungle demand charity? Same news for the last how many years now? Refreshing to see people with different concerns. Eventually Lunar News will be on this hyperlinked site.

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