Scrolling through all those Singaporeans was so tedious, it made me want to put a gun to my head. Singapore is doomed too if they’re any symptom. Most have PhDs from the US, so- another invasive form of imperialism. Half of them mention democratic theory. I’ll spare you screenshots of the other half- stereotypical navel-gazing subjects that all sound the same and which give ~philosophy~ the stigma it has, basically the kind of nerd that deserves to be thrown in a locker. The very last name on the list looks interesting at least

No one cares what you have to say, Washington Post (speaking of merit)

From a non-WP 2019 article – people just can’t resist westernization or what

A 2016 article from a Stanford grad

Keep America out of there, mind your own business!

Another critique of Singapore’s meritocracy, this time from an Oxford grad. Noticing a pattern?

Everyone needs to take after America the Big Brother don’t they

Say farewell to Singapore, another one being pulled into the vortex of the global slave-revolt.

They won’t be happy until every square kilometer on earth is in line with the principles of the US

Reminds me of Evola

So glad to have been thrown into this world.

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