More sickened by my country than usual today. There’s a good chance that you’re pretty sickened too. Let us dream of breakaway societies, far away from these people

I found a couple guys working on a synthesis of some ideas I often talk about

Wouldn’t you rather be in one of these than in the US? Between these people burning the country down and all the ones who are glad they’re doing it, I don’t know who I hate more. They’re both clearly unreformable. What other rational conclusion is there besides the need to get away from them? The Seaorbiter is designed to prepare to even further distance away from these wretched ones with their will-to-nothingness

Call it escape if you want- I ask you, what is your alternative? Here I give you a brief moment to live vicariously through me living vicariously through this idea. When I study this stuff I feel like I’m not in this doomed nation with these doomed people, and maybe someday I won’t be.

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