Biden’s always talking about “promises”, the promise that America represents, and you have to hand it to him, that captures the pulse of a good portion of the country.

What the idea of half of the country believing in a wall did was cause the self-esteem of various types of people to decline. Biden represents the return of their self-esteem under the banner of walls are bad, everyone has equal opportunity. That is the promise of America. Now, I’m going to show you an image that might disturb you, thankfully there is an arrow that obscures most of the apeface here

Phew, aren’t you glad you don’t have to see that? If I want to see an ape I go to the zoo- I certainly don’t want to live in a country where they’re everywhere, what a disgusting sight. You understand the implications of this promise, right?

The promise to feel equal means that they’re going to eliminate all high culture of whites. When I was posting about space-flight on xenosystems back in the day I didn’t even know that the spaceship was the symbol of white supremacy par excellence, I just thought it was “cool”. Now I know, and I’m more guarded about it. I know a couple concepts I’m just not going to post at the moment because I know it causes people to react with irrational rage, too bad for you I guess. People who have good ideas have to adjust to the emotional mob, that’s just how it goes in this patch we were thrown in.

Instead, what is applauded is this

Can you detect what I see in the face of Harris? “I’m going to make history! And I don’t care if it makes the country worse. Because I’m going to make history. Yes!”

The hundred or so types of bioleninists don’t care about the country overall, they care about the idea of the promise of not being demeaned as a monkey of some kind. You’re monkeys, sorry to tell you, and the fact that you have that face of Harris there when you make the country worse to suit your interests is the conclusive proof that you are a monkey.

Don’t you see the millennia of sin etched in Oprah’s face here?

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