Just ideally would like to have a conversation about any of these things with someone who isn’t worried about being castigated from civilization for doing so. “You had a casual chat with Wagner, so what are we going to do with you now?”

Idk, what would they do with you? I just want to have a normal talk?

Am I a “Nazi”? What does that even mean? Can’t talk with someone because they’re a Nazi, the only thing to do in this social order is scapegoat them. Truly noble people. What is the nature of being? “it’s to be a slave of jews”. Really, why don’t you prove me wrong? Would you get your account banned or something?

I know what matters in life and I can’t say it because it sends too many people into panic-mode, can you guess what that is?

The meaning of life



The meaning of life cannot be said at this time.

We’re living in the kind of place where you can’t say anything about it, too many jews sluts leftists and niggers.

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