CRISPR is such an exciting field that I’d post about it every day if I didn’t feel like I was spamming people with every minute subtlety or step of progress I discover on the web. Nothing makes me identify as a “Sino-supremacist” like reading up on genetic engineering- their relative lack of aversion to “playing God” must say something about the Sino genome! There’s a war in heaven between Confucius and Jesus, and the disciples of the latter might have had to sacrifice themselves so those of the former could reach the next stage of humanity.

There seems to be more going on with those human experiments than was initially reported

In the medical consent form the scientist that did this mentioned the Nobel Prize. He was so “reckless” for this reason probably, and if that was his aim, to win one of those, why not go all the way and try to enhance the brain? Also suspicious is that there is a third human experiment. I haven’t been able to find much information about this one.

See the kind of stuff they’re doing over there?

This was on mice. Nothing too crazy, til you read what else the scientist who performed this experiment says

Heh Chinese people talk funny- “We are now working on monkey model”. You won’t hear an American scientist say something like that. At the rate we’re going we are going to sound funny to them speaking broken Mandarin once China takes over the world with their neo-sino master race. Monkey-testing is necessary for posthumanism, and the direction we’re moving we’re going to be giving chimpanzees full voting rights before we experiment on them with CRISPR and the like. Am I wrong am I wrong?? 🗳🐒

Pigs are so expendable, such filthy creatures, no one cares if we experiment on them—nah, progs are a bit sensitive about that too. Another unspeakably groundbreaking move in China

Definitely one for the “the implications of this!” file.

CRISPR will change farming forever. Raise livestock in previously impossible climates. As the human population grows we’ll need more food, more places to grow food, or better yet, food that is able to grow more places. CRISPR the cattle and CRISPR the crops the cattle feeds on so that both can thrive in tundras and deserts. CRISPR humans so they can thrive there too.

Superstar in the world of swine genomics? I can relate to that. Anyway, not only with animals and humans are the Chinese excelling beyond us, they also have double the papers on agriculture

Also their notorious “detached” relation to dogs has had its advantages

I bet you can readily imagine how we could use buff mutant dogs today

Apply this general idea to humans

Male human babies will be born jacked in the future. Why? Because why not. Every conceivable form of rangordnung will be applied. Toddlers talking like Shakespeare will be the new normal. Parents who don’t choose to modify their children will learn after a couple generations that they’re inevitably raising the future janitors of society.

Meanwhile the mainstream defends to the death this delusion

CRISPR is how to make the American dream a reality!

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