Still bitter after all these years?

I thought it was just a savage impulse earlier when I saw a picture of a Chinese astronaut and my first thought was of smashing his helmet with a rock, then I see this and forgive myself for that

By 2045, China aims to be the leading space power, thereby setting the stage for the 100th year celebration of the establishment of the PRC.

With China in control of cis-lunar space, how can one guarantee fair access for entities that are not Chinese? China’s behavior in resource rich areas like Tibet and the South China Sea (SCS) reflects a story of unilateral coercion…

You really trust these people? They’re in the same ballpark as North Korea IMO. They’re just a lot more capitalistic. This is from one of their space-based solar-energy enthusiasts

The world will panic when the fossil fuels can no longer sustain human development. We must acquire space solar power technology before then…Whoever obtains the technology first could occupy the future energy market. So it’s of great strategic significance.

This is a Chinese conceptual design

See, now I’m starting to get some warmongering thoughts, and I just know based on this that it’s not going to be peaceful up there. For instance, I wonder “Should we plant some land mines where they plan to build this?” Bad karma to even talk about, I just don’t trust these people, especially once their economy goes beyond ours they’ll probably get arrogant, who knows. I know that if Biden wins, space will be further marginalized. They must be hoping he does.

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