Все еще горький после стольких лет?

I love messing with people so much.

I realize that using google translate to read Persian is just frivolous next to using it to read Chinese. Probably just my christian way of championing the underdog. This is probably the only language worth translating at all

It was when I saw this picture that I realized it

What does Kim’s face say to you? I see “I am being recognized.”

Talk about “toxic”, there aren’t many countries on earth as toxic as North Korea. You might have had an idea in your mind that there was something more intimidating about Kim before he met with Trump. In this picture to me his inner-child is revealed. “I am being recognized.”

Think of that relation and then think about how “we” bombed the equivalent of the vice president of Iran, knowing they weren’t going to do anything about it. Different relations with different countries. Can you imagine us bombing China like that? I can’t. China is one of the only exceptions I can think of in fact.

This is another one that I noticed something childlike about

He looks human, honestly he looks like he smokes weed

(on the downlow, since he’s decapitated by sword hundreds of drug-users in his country). And you might recall one Saudi dissident by the name of Khashoggi being drugged and dismembered with a bone-saw and packed into suitcases to never be seen again for speaking out against him.

That doesn’t matter, that’s beside the point here. There’s a childlike dimension to the tyrant of North Korea and the tyrant of Saudi Arabia. Seen through the prism of global politics, the US renders them childlike. The US itself is a sort of tyrant, it’s the “king tyrant” of the world if you will.

Anyway I started this post because I wanted to share this video of the first landing on the dark side of the moon. From last year, China’s Chang’e 4 rover, or as they say it over there, the 嫦娥四号. 5:36 is the landing. All this to say that there are more and more signs that China is going to be the “king tyrant” of the world in the near-future and I don’t want to be rendered childlike because of it, and I don’t think anyone here does, yet half the country seems to push for policies that lead us directly to that situation.

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