This is what ideology does to the brain. We’ve been bombing the Middle East for so many years now that the southern portion of it is willing to turn on the northern ones we haven’t been bombing (too much).

“Peace in the middle east” with this UAE-Israel deal is such a sham. The most candid thing to tell the Middle East is that they should stick together.

The Old Testament is taking over their lands. One of the most significant ways that certain Muslims and certain Westerners agree is that the American-Israel alliance isn’t the True Religion. Whether it’s Shia or Sunni there, or science or philosophy here, many of us are agreed that the beliefs that sustain the reigning order of the world are a result of ignorance and confusion.

George W. Bush was a sort of Jesuit, why do you think I recurrently parody him? Problem is, I’m a sort of Christian too for you Arab peoples. I’d like to help you, and I see you as one of the only people who might be able to understand. Saudi Arabia and Iran being friends is the best thing I can think of for you. You should interpret the US-involvement in surrounding countries as primitive people who happened to invent nukes and tanks. On the technological level they are right. On the level of divinity they are entirely misguided, and the Middle East should unite against America, if you were to ask me. This is just Al Farabi, haven’t you read him without a modern prism?

I suggest you trust your fellow Muslim and forget sectarian feuds. The feud with the old testament and the new testament is distracting you. If Saudi Arabia and Iran formed One State and united with Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan too, that would be pretty funny. Especially if they started all bombing Israel and parts of the US like NYC and LA, that would be extremely funny. And they’re trying to divide you all! No, they are convincing you to kill your own family, that’s how the jew works. The old testament people who should have been decapitated by sword centuries and centuries ago are continuing to conduct global belief, and especially business, we know they like to use their money and lack of spiritual values to exploit others. To my Middle Eastern friends- you are the right ones. Do not let the military force of the US convince you otherwise. You are genuinely the ones who know better.


the Axis Powers

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  1. Scary to think that in just a few month’s time America’s nukes could be under the control of this rambling old loon –

    Thing help us all.


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