If you can read the types of ideas talked about here without any impulse toward revenge then you are part of the true Chosen People. Not many can do that, it’s quite sad, though that’s just reality. It’s all nothing to me, it doesn’t make me mad in any way—otherwise why would I post it? You’d be surprised how many can’t deal with these types of ideas. Are you one of the ones who is not moved to revenge upon hearing them? The ones who can’t deal with anti-demos thought try to rationalize it and it’s so obvious to me at least that they’re not part of the true chosen people. Is that immodest to say? Once again, it doesn’t make me mad to talk about these things, otherwise I wouldn’t post them. Only a minority is predestined not to live with the temperament of the rabble. If this post itself makes you feel vengeful then you know where you are.

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