Remember this map of Australia?

There’s a similar dynamic with the Moon. Ideal locations. -squeezing eyes shut, thinking don’t call them gooks don’t call them gooks- The Chinese will want to leave us with the Sahara Desert part of the Moon, so to speak.

There are areas on the Moon that experience over 200 days of constant illumination. One Moon day is equal to about 28 earth days, so two weeks of daylight then two weeks of night in the unideal locations.

Here is a theoretical design for a 3D-printing robot

Space-spiders that spin “webs” of solar panels

While this was theorized to be used in orbit, the same general concept can be applied to lunar construction

Does it upset you knowing that one day people will look up at the Moon and see one giant solar panel? Eh they’ll get used to it

A solar panel ring like this would only be the beginning.

People tend to have this idea of clear domes. Seems inevitable that everything will be covered in solar panels. Once all the helium-3 is extracted, moonbuggies will drive on solar panels too. This is thinking many many years in advance obviously.

Deal with it

Since Americans are worthless, this will probably be the Chinese doing this

China takes over the world (and the moon)

They already have four more missions there planned out, and what are we doing? Making sure monkey-people are represented in movies? The Chinese must have a superior conception of divinity.

Remember that idea of moon bricks? To build the base with? That they created theoretical models of in Europe? The Chinese are doing it better.

Theirs has a tensile strength that can withstand up to 1.4 gigapascals or 1,400 megapascals of pressure, while the european space agency team’s withstands only 32 megapascals. It would cost a trillion dollars to build a lunar base by transporting all the materials from the earth, so that’s where those spiders play a role. They spin their webs of solar panels which harvest energy which power 3D-printers which lay eggs for more spiders (laughing like a madman right now) which build more 3D-printers which build robots which create moon bricks which… you get the idea. And eventually we’ll have fully-automated bases with greenhouses and robots outside mining helium-3

and giant spiders covering the mined areas with solar panels, until eventually we’d have something like this within a dome

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