If you choose to not read the books I suggest and fritter about being a mindless hedonist instead, that is your loss. I promote books that I see as beyond the understanding of the “illuminati”. Have a better word for them? If you can’t read more than a couple pages at a time it’s just direct proof that you’re not… Use your imagination. The overlords have lost their attention-span, likely due to nepotism through too many generations. If I met some of their great-grandfathers I have no doubt that we would be friends. One of my theories is that they originally had the goal of the revolution of mind, and part of what that entailed was the distance from the past. This caused their descendants to not have the same fountain of wisdom they had access to. The real illuminati is not alive today. They speak to each other across centuries. The US doesn’t allow for the conditions of one of them to survive today. We are like children next to the ones who once lived. Jean-Jacques Rousseau was one of these

This reminds me of many people I know. Some, I’m sure, understand what is going on better than Land, Dugin, or me, geopolitically, and they simply can’t say. There could be illuminati living today who have simply judged that they don’t want to be scapegoated or imprisoned and thus they need to keep their lofty perspective to themselves. This is what I want to free. I don’t care about helium-3 whatsoever, it’s about freedom of geniuses. That sort of distance from humans will allow us to learn from the wise men of the past.

“So who are the illuminati then?”

With some exceptions

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