This is mind-boggling

Should we mine asteroids or mine the moon? How about both at the same time!

We have a general idea where we can find the “gold” (some PGMs are more valuable than gold) – they have it pretty mapped out

They’re wondering if they should put a space station in orbit around the moon to help get an even better idea about some of this stuff

This would be sweet

Independence – that’s what it would all be for too. That’s what most of our plutocrats don’t seem to understand. They collect wealth just to collect wealth. You going to bury it in your coffin with you? Moon-mining. For what?

Or put more bluntly, the extinction of idiots.

A quarter of the impacts on the lunar surface are known as slow meteorites, shaded here

They’re preserved if they don’t fall faster than 12 km/s. They’ve estimated the mineral content too

Four and a half billion years of this

All closer to us than any of these

See what I mean by “mind-boggling”?

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