Believing something that will ruin your life here is normal to half a billion people elsewhere in the world

Qatar isn’t even the “most reprehensible” one, it’s tenth.

Like Iraq? What about Iraq, that country we went to war with? Never mind them

Libya? Didn’t “we” kill the ruler there? Never mind them too

Didn’t you always think it was about oil? Oil, heroin, Zionism… It’s everybody else’s fault

Make one vague remark against them and you won’t get published, meanwhile

There’s bound to be aristos in the Al-Thani family, those vile antisemites

Even the most powerful American billionaires have to pay lip service, meanwhile

Even Muslims are freer than Bezos ROFL

I wonder if they sell blu-rays of this on Amazog

You really think our country wouldn’t be better if we eliminated the hegemonic anti-white ideology and implemented this in its place?

It’s institutionalized over there. Meanwhile what’s institutionalized over here?

Tolerance, diversity, translated into reality = emulate apeniggers, let them burn down the country, treat subversive kikes as noble martyrs, embrace the mainstreaming of whoredom, normalize hatred of white males, etc. etc. all the good signs of a healthy society.

From a Qatar university student heh

I bet we could write some interesting PhDs over there.

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