Spot the difference

I’m not even kidding with you, I just have a sense of humor about it unlike you.

What? Just posting online.

Anyway, I just see lots of different obsolete religions at play in the world. That I wish I wasn’t even enmeshed in at all. I was born here and where I was born virtually controls the rest of the world so there isn’t really anywhere I’m able to go.

Whether it’s Christians, secular christian progs, Israelis, secular jewish progs, Shiites, or Sunnis, I think you’re all wrong, I just happen to readily identify with Hamas in this case. What was actually “progressive” about neo-neoreaction is that it didn’t identify with any of these warring factions. Meditation on cladistics allows one to distance from a given belief-system.

You could say that I’m simultaneously Islamophobic and antisemitic, and in our culture that makes you the antichrist. My immediate impression of the Iraq War, Israel, Palestine, is that it was self-centered to think that you wouldn’t cause such strife among Muslims by establishing a state there. That equates to the “death of God” for them, Qatar should make this its own field of study, the “death of Allah”. That’s what Israel is when it’s there. Distance is infinitely significant, that’s why I seek to live on a space-station. The fact that Israel is so close to them, that’s what it is that drives them to bomb them. This is the postwar orthodox Jewish instinct I’m speaking of here- you just needed to put a state there. You just needed to. Why? Seems irrational, unscientific, and you sacrificed an entire religion in order to do it. I can understand that people weren’t thinking too rationally after those gas chambers. Unfortunately, the Jews didn’t simply sacrifice Islam after that conflict, they sacrificed all the German-looking ones of the world. The Anglos felt so bad about it. They have that heart of Christ. How I interpret the psychology of Hamas is that they see their Book as, in our terminology “progress” from their Book, and having other people who believe in their own Book so strongly causes them angst. The existence of Israel alone causes them Atheism. Atheism, nihilism, socialism, is there even a legitimate difference between any of these? That’s why I sympathize with Hamas and the Iranians, because dormant in the Torah is the road to socialism and nihilism. And they can sense that merely by looking at the West- I’m sure some of them see it better than I do even, hence my search for cladistic precog muslims. The secular prog jews are simply the worst people on the planet probably, if I had to name one. They are caught in a similar religious frenzy that these “theological” clades are, and are in denial of it. People like me see them similar to the theological ones. “White men tried to exterminate us a couple generations ago, what are we going to do to make sure to survive at their expense?” No no, our treasured Hebraic people have never had that thought cross their mind. Being kicked out of so many countries caused them to evolve a double-consciousness, where they speak with their fellow Yids on one level and speak to the goys on another, it’s a matter of hacking that, my fellow terrorists. Are we in a clade ourselves? Probably. What does it believe? For starters, that all the other existing clades are allowed to have a say in public and ours is not. Why is that?

If you think of the dispersion of belief that Israel’s presence in the Middle East causes, that is what people with a general view similar to mine and Nietzsche’s cause. Western Philosophy is its own patch that exists like Israel except on the Internet instead.

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