Just had an experience with a cashier that I hope doesn’t haunt me too much. Displays of vulgarity can have a tainting effect. You know when you can tell that someone was raised by hicks, somewhere like Kentucky? That’s what this lady was like. Then a few minutes later I experience a higher tier of culture, a blonde girl offers to hold the door for me, can tell with 90% accuracy just by looking at her that she’s a liberal. Different gradations of human being are easy to detect. Everyone knows this. At least among whites- whites interpreting POC a blindness is systematically imposed. There’s a clear rangordnung between the first and second types I just encountered that everyone can sense, even hicks. Thing is, and I’ve made this point before, the distinction between these two types is beginning to blur. Lib girls are merely more polite about it, more clean, more proper. They both have a similar ontological status when you see through the niceties- or at least that is the direction the lib is moving toward. This is the meaning of leveling. The libs who align with the globalist zeitgeist aren’t going to start acting more and more Latino or black or Arab, they’re going to exhibit a white version of decline. This is going to be similar to a decline in class. Hicks are poor after all. Libs tend to be more well off thus more refined. What I’m arguing is that it’s gradually turning into a veneer of refinement for anyone perceptive enough to notice. There’s a downward class movement among whites today. This is a ramification of the doctrine of equalism. It’s a hidden reality, the libs are secretly shifting toward a hick level of being. They express it differently, that’s all. It’s a hidden vulgarity that is concealed with a progressive-seemingness.

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