Nothing demonstrates how unequivocal it is that contemporary leftism is a collection of errors like looking at the US in the context of the globe

Benoist lists some of China’s strengths that I find disquieting in the context of the concrete goals of the left and how they will likely be carried out eventually

Note I’m not talking about “free healthcare leftism”- free healthcare arguably isn’t even leftist strictly speaking. I’m talking about the theoretical basis of leftism and the results that follow from adhering to that belief-system. Some believe we’re currently in a Cold War with China. If the left immanentizes its plans we’re going to lose that war. The left has a kantian dimension in this sense- they want to push their principles to their ultimate conclusions regardless of the consequences. Regressing into the socially-approved bourgeois version of Kentucky hicks is one of the more prominent consequences, and a country of people like that is going to cause us to fall behind China. China doesn’t even half to subvert us, our mainstream belief-system itself is destroying our country. And yes, I’d consider the trajectory toward the plane of being of poor people who aren’t educated the destruction of the country.

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