These riots must make Trump feel good about himself. Seriously. He must be flattered by it? To be directly responsible for all of it.

Trump is more philosophical than any professor working in a philosophy department today. Academic philosophy doesn’t allow one to practice real philosophy, that’s why I’m always talking about Land and Dugin, because they escaped the academy. Not many with their brainpower have done that. The “wall” turned out to be the most philosophical concept of our time. When we talk about leftism we’re implicitly invoking a mixture of religion and politics, political theology it’s been called. One of the only academics I know of who’s caused atheism about our reigning political theology is Laurence Lampert, and he is constrained by having Ivy League publishers. Trump is similarly constrained and can only criticize our political theology indirectly. Real philosophy is causing atheism about the political theology of a given patch. I’d be shocked to find a “philosophy of the wall” in an academic journal, i.e. with all the implications of that! “What do you mean by that?” You know what I mean. The disintegration of the blank slate superstition and the deadening realization that consequently dawns on minorities and women of the reality of determinism. Again, equalism is a form of dope, and they’re not going to like their dope being taken away. What I call atheism in this context is related to this. The primordial scene of philosophy is Socrates questioning Olympianism. Trump does this with the wall, and you can bet that they condemn him to hemlock poisoning day after day (most prominently during that impeachment phase of theirs, the zealous twats). The wall idea, not the wall reality, the wall idea, the statement that is the wall, blasted into smithereens their political theology. So much so that they have to go through a daily ritual to recover. Often, many times a day they have to genuflect in the direction of the site of their nuked Mecca in order to build up their crumbling, perpetually-threatened faith. “Moving to the magic soil of the US gives one infinite potential. It’s ‘one’s’ environmental condition that explains the history of one’s given human subtype.” Nope, the Mexicans to the south were criticized by the wall idea and all others subsequently inferred how they’re static beings too who aren’t instantly truly human simply because they live in the US where the particular political theology in place grants them that idea.

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