Musing on this again

When I talk about different German philosophers, I’m talking about the high-points on the culture of Germany, and for that reason I don’t expect many to understand.

Alasdair MacIntyre, one of the more respectable academics out there, was taught ancient Greek and Latin as a kid, while I was given a pretty basic education like most of you, so I don’t claim to understand these philosophers entirely myself. It takes a lot of putting yourself to the side at first before it’s natural.

Other surveys like this also have Germany as the most arrogant across the board. I think a lot of that has to do with the jealousy of the others honestly (which I say as a non-German myself). So try not to interpret the following that way, to the best of your abilities- the master-race in the realm of the mind, of spirit, of geist, was dogpiled and lost to military might. I told you recently that the entire point of a patch is to produce Thinkers. These most hard-working, most trustworthy people the Germans did just that. People aren’t able to understand their general ethos, for obvious or not so obvious reasons depending who you are. The spirit of all the countries who were against them is still alive today.

If you want to be more like them yourself then you have to be able to spend time around them without any feelings of ressentiment and revenge. Understanding this is going to be key to solving the “globalism problem”. One of the hypocrisies I noticed today is all the glamorization of thugs and gangsters in rap music, and then wondering why the crime rate is the way it is- weak weepy progs would rather say reform the cops than say reform rap music- all of it talks about how being a criminal is good, how vice is good, you’re hypocrites. Do you want to help them or not? You’re all so emotional.

Anyway, the pinnacles of this people the Germans are who others should spend time learning from. People are upset that I question the humanity of certain groups. They’d be more human if they could endure the German philosophers and those who try to give you an idea of their ethos without any feelings of revenge. Why would people hate the most trustworthy people anyway? Doesn’t that not make sense? I’m going to guess it’s because they’re deceptive and untrustworthy themselves. Don’t play fair? Keep me shadowbanned for years? No, I wouldn’t say you’re a very trustworthy person. Like I’ve said before, I’ve never claimed to be perfect myself, and you don’t see me joining the bioleninists. It says something about you if you’re part of their cause. You don’t have to be like that. I used to be a hippie vegan and I learned. Unless everyone matters, then no one matters, that’s what I used to think about cows and chickens. If you want to be a mature globalist you need to alter our belief-system so that the children of the world learn from those who matter most. Is that insensitive to say, arrogant to say? If your aim is to help others then you won’t care if it is. If you want people to learn from the best, Germans, Greeks, Anglos, and some Jews too, some Frenchmen, all dead now, are the ones to put at the center of culture. “Feminist voices”, POC, they need to learn from them, not the other way around. Beauvoir knew this. de Beauvoir, a mark of nobility that is lacking today. What is a human? A human is defined primarily by rationality. The only hope the irrational ones have of ever being humans is to listen to the rational ones. I call on you to get over your egos.

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