I like to see the sign of a good mom of the future, honestly. I think about the typical millennial woman and my thoughts stray to Amish women with disgusting amounts of pubic hair and an ideology in their minds that I don’t want to have to reform. Are leftist women able to be better than Amish women? I really wonder. In a world of hoes I’d rather beat off, unless you’re not really a hoe, and you want to have a happy life? This is the state the US is in now, and the chinese gooks visiting here are probably laughing at us. You going to be happy alone? That’s where you’ll be with the belief-system in place. They want you to eliminate yourself because whiteness is a crime. I don’t think it’s a crime, European women are the most gorgeous on all of the planet if you ask me. And they want you to hate yourself for it. I don’t hate you, only terrible people want you to hate yourself, it’s good to remember that. The goal of life is to have a child who is a genius.

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