One of my favorite things in life is when I see or think of a way to tweak or add to Heidegger. Being-in-the-world. Being-in-orbit. Being-on-the-moon. Being-in-the-fourth-dimension. When you’re asleep does that count as being-in-the-world? Isn’t exactly the permanent existential structure in light of these alternatives. I quite like being-in-the-world, thus I’m not content with sleep. We’ve densely sedimented the permanence of the existential structure of sleep. I hereby declare war on sleep

The idea is to isolate all the different “mutants” out there, all the “X-Men”, and put all their genes together into one genome. The Chinese have already run experiments on monkeys

Change the arrangement of letters and change behavior.

They’ve lowered needed sleep to 3 hours in mice too

Another related nuisance to eliminate

The three hours that we did sleep we could alter also. You’ve probably heard of those people who claim to remember all their dreams? There might be a genetic basis for that. That’s a close simulation of being-in-the-world, certainly closer to that than being-in-nothingness/being-in-????/non-being. We could also search for the basis of people who are lucid dreamers. 21 hours of wakefulness per day and 3 hours of realer-than-real lucid dreaming guaranteed for every new human being. “All the nice things”! and our belief-system prevents the peasantry from talking about it without causing alarms.

Sleep? Sleep? Who cares. What do the people really want??

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