Not the best time to live in West China

Something similar to the Tibetans happening?

It’s been reported that the Chinese manipulate the internet to shape international perception of them

Forget West China, is it a good time to live… anywhere in the world? I’ve investigated a good deal of the countries of the world now and my results are pessimistic.

In East China the people are disciplined (read- obedient) – dissenters are taken away by people disguised as plain citizens. And how about the other few countries that aren’t modernizing (read- Americanizing)

North Korea – goes without saying

Iran – goes without saying

Saudi Arabia – now allowing flights between UAE and Israel

Qatar – not looking so bad honestly

Russia – Putin’s opposition was poisoned with a nerve agent. Otherwise also not looking so bad relatively speaking

Gaza – daily risk of being bombed

The region around northeast Argentina, Uruguay, and southern Brazil – not looking so bad, could expand that south/west

North Australia, seasteads, and the Moon – need development, otherwise also not looking bad

Huh, this post turned out a bit more hopeful than I expected. Try to have a good one today.

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