It can’t be a coincidence that they’re both in West China

The Uyghurs and Tibetans are secessionists, or at least were. So imagine if Native Americans and Mexicans of the western US wanted to divide the country in half. That’s a lot of land, so I can sympathize with the Han

No one even wants to live in those places. It must be something to do with the intimidation factor I’ve mentioned- the US during the Cold War telling Russia, you better watch out, look at Alaska up there oooo! Because Hong Kong is arguably its own kind of seceded state and they don’t treat them quite the way they treat the Uyghurs and Tibetans to say the least. Put it in perspective by remembering what the minorities are like here

Boy do we treat our minorities different here.

Speaking of smiles, I can anticipate one of those forming on the US with the detritus as good liberals invite more and more to the redder zones and are gradually mugged by reality and flee from the coasts

From there, the middle states will slowly be engulfed from all sides of the U shape. Inevitable migration to Canada? And perhaps the Canadians will learn a lesson in realism from the fate of the States, and adjust their idea of the Southern Border accordingly.

It would be like if the Han decided to let their culture be overrun by Uyghurs and Tibetans, how weak would that be? White people truly get everything they deserve. The Chinese don’t even need a God, so you can’t use our atheization as an excuse either. Whites believe in a God suited for a suicide cult, isn’t that obvious?

China can be broken into further subspecies similar to that DNA map of Europe I posted recently

It looks like they’re imperializing the Mongoloids of their population too

I’m not finding much on Guangxi separatism

Maybe they’re “spiritual Hans”. Thinking of these places as Autonomous Regions is just a joke. China wants it all. China wants the world next.

I wish we had the will to move to those five conservative states east of Oregon and declare ourselves a sort of “Tibet”. Is three countries in North America really asking for so much?

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