This is how they “getcha”

We can use Iran as an approximate model to learn how they’ll deal (or not deal) with an offworld settlement or Australia-seastead neo-state.

Eyy I’m tradin’ here!

Alienate you from the world and make you suffer if you refuse to “cooperate”

In the name of Allah I hate this low quality of life so much I might be warming up to Israel’s expansion and the atheism it causes Muslims.

Kurdistan a second Israel, UAE a third Israel, Saudi Arabia a fourth Israel, all in good time, meanwhile the stubborn antisemitic Iran gets poorer and poorer, before it either submits to the false Book or collapses, lose lose either way, and all for a splinter of a country with around the sq km of New Jersey. All of the Middle East will “modernize”! We’ll make the world let you starve to death if you don’t

This is why in a new patch we won’t be able to be optimally radical initially until we’re self-sustaining

Self-replicating robots and solar panels will be key to that is my instinct, whether we’re speaking of space or the sea.

Then, you know that this Iran thing is about nukes, right? We’d have less worry about the politics of that in space—at least for a while. With all the helium-3 and PGMs up there, the conditions of earth are bound to be replicated, and the conditions of earth involve securing your patch ideally with nukes. From the sea we will be more vulnerable since obviously we’re not as far away as the moon, thus there will be a need to develop nukes just like Iran or North Korea has. And they will want to stop us, because because well we said so and we have the nukes so we make the rules that’s why. This could be China stepping in in the future. For now it’s this pact

What a good goy!! We love our good goys, don’t we? Only thing we love more than our good goys are our good goyettes, now bend over for Harvey.

Don’t want to cooperate with our worldview which we haven’t even really ever reflected on the merits of? Now suffer seasteaders, now suffer lunar people

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