As crazy as it might sound, the ultimate goal of everything I talk about is the facilitation of “alien invasion”. See this post for a frame of reference. Besides the intrinsic value of creating a “beyond 1st world” civilization, the point of an exit patch will be—smuggling. We’re familiar with the idea from sci-fi of extra-terrestrials studying us from afar. Well where are they? We can solve fermi’s paradox by being the aliens ourselves. The purpose of lunar universities will be to gain knowledge for its own sake, yes- it will also be to teach CRISPR X-Men and X-Women how to study the peoples of the earth and how to speak to them so as to improve them. Lunar U will be a samizdat industry. A given earth country will be studied by a team and the appropriate Revaluation of Values will be drawn up in the language of their inhabitants and smuggled in. This can be via text or any form of media you can think of- my favorite hypothetical is Socratic VR video games. To put it in more earthly/relatable terms, think of how South Koreans smuggle movies into North Korea. That must help free their minds to some degree. Now imagine a system of higher educational institutions with the objective of doing something similar with every country on earth. The given people and their government needs to be observed carefully enough so that the revaluation isn’t so extreme that it causes irrational aversion of course. We will have to work with where the people are at. I’ve noted frequently for instance that one can’t get through to most Americans because they’ve been pavlov’d by plutocrats since kindergarten. Most places probably aren’t too different in terms of being near-unreformable. What seems impossible now will be less so once we have an independent “Hollywood”, antiversities, laboratories exempt from international law, and state of the art information-gathering technologies (ideology-gathering technologies). You might ask, why not just do this in our own countries now? I and a few others have been doing something like this! We need institutions, and we can’t have institutions of this kind under the conditions that the belief-system of the US enforces.

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