This is the closest Chinese parallel I’ve found to our crypto-government

“suffered the consequences” – do you understand the implications of this?

We can’t make money over there if we write certain things, and that’s lots of people over in China, which means lots of money we lose! Therefore

I wonder how pervasive Code 204 is among the media in general

If it is pervasive, that would mean that the US and China are a sort of unified country. If our media here is Sinocized out of a profit motive.

Why is it that I can’t find any more articles after 2012 on those Chinese billionaires? Did the rest of the MSM-monolith fall in line behind Code 204? “1.4 billion potential readers in China, think of all that potential money! Just have to follow the orders of the CCP, what’s so wrong with that?”

I read the following the other day here and was not expecting it to manifest in the above way

Who are those 103? Why does the CCP not want its citizens reading those articles?

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