Some things make me laugh so much that I don’t even post them because I know it only makes it worse when the wrong kind of person interprets it. Usually I do post it anyway because I do see some humanity in the shudras. There’s an evolutionary basis to this that Marxists could appreciate. Different castes only talked to each other for a lot of history. Hinduism is the most hated religion in the world I swear. We’re trying to solve the globalism debate using the internet, there are billions of people who will not be able to understand it. In pre-internet times we had a conference of some sort, what is Davos anyway, that’s what collen ryan was always going off against, now we can simply say whatever we want if we so choose to put ourselves out there, which not many are willing to do.

“So then what were you laughing about that you think that most people won’t understand?”

If three Chinamen have 500 billion dollars each I’d like to know about it. This is obfuscated in this article obviously. What’s so funny to me though is imagining the realpolitik-consciousness that some of these Chinese quasi-aristocrats have. You want to give bombs to Iran?

So what is the understanding of geopolitics by Chinese leaders at the pinnacle of society? They must not talk about it. And keep the awareness hidden from their population.

Here’s the other thing that made me laugh

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