Sometimes you wake up just wanting to start a war with China, what can you do?

Pretty much 100% of our media here has the objective of promoting peace. If you started watching a random show that’s co-starred by a Chinaman you’d expect it–you’d instinctively expect it–to involve a theme of inclusivity, yes? That would be a jarring experience if the character acted like a so to speak “chink”. “Obviously yes, racism is the last thing you can expect in our media.” I propose a type of synthesis.

The Chinese a few years ago released a show on corruption in the CCP

This is a good sign, there hasn’t been a show like that over there since 2004. Thing is, there’s something suspicious about it

You know that if they approve of it then it might as well be state propaganda. In fact it seems to align seamlessly with Chairman Xi’s anticorruption campaign. This immediately evokes for me that–to us westerners, offputting–propaganda method of North Korea years ago

Posters of the supreme leader everywhere. That’s what this show seems to be a modern-day instantiation of.

My idea is that we should make a show over here that sets its target on Xi himself.

It will have to be smuggled by hackers probably. 1.4 billion people over there – I don’t have a malicious intent with this, I want to help them. Tons of research would have to go into this to make it realistic. Possibly involving some forms of espionage. One of the problems is that most people can’t redirect their focus from the problems of the US. “You’re not helping blacks or children in cages or voting out the evil cheeto man.” See how narrow this is, globally speaking? 1.4 billion Chinese people living under the sway of what appears to be a tyrant who imprisons dissenters and gulags millions. And yet, for many, the type of show I have in mind would seem “racist and mean”. Is it racist and mean to portray Oriental Despotism in vivid detail? I would say then that that’s Oriental Despotism’s problem.

Scroll through this and tell me that these people don’t need help

One could work with dissenters like this who have been expelled from the CCP

They could give one lots of insights on how to make a realistic and subversive TV show

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