Someone who is literally one out of a billion

Okay, literally 1 out of 1,440,312,974, you get the idea.

An institution based in New Zealand has put together many of his essays here.

This is the kind of scholar one could make a documentary on and potentially beam onto the Chinese internet

Two can play this game

Love to find people like this, a brother from across the sea

A smuggled documentary on this dissenter of dissenters could have a ripple effect in China, inspiring other scholars to possibly migrate here and smuggle essays into their homeland from afar. The rangordnung of media is TV show > documentary. Artistic beautification is more engaging. The gesamtkunstwerk is ideally both sensuous and cerebral. Homer+Plato is the Form of high art, and now add 21st century technology to that. And you get the ultimate method of hacking China’s national security.

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