I had a dream I was watching an Iranian TV channel that they don’t want you to know about. Where to even begin

There’s bound to be one like that.

There’s bound to be media from any of these following countries like that – follow the money

If the US puts a sanction on you there’s a possibility that’s a good sign. I begin from the standpoint of absolute distrust of the actions of the US. With Kim who is a pedophile and all the rest obviously some of these are rightly banned. It was the hypocrisy I noted in this post that really crystallized my distrust of the US. I give all these countries the benefit of the doubt, innocent until proven guilty, because they’re deemed guilty by a country that is itself guilty. If they’re an enemy of the US perhaps some of their media reflects that? Some shows that could provide us with a refreshing perspective? The worst part about our democracy, which many of these above sinners likely don’t subscribe to the tenets of, is not the election itself, it’s the talking about the election for four years prior to the election which causes an intellectually suffocating environment. And then once someone’s finally elected after all that talk, nothing substantial ever gets done anyway. This is what we want to export to other countries? Sign me up for Iranian satellite TV.

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