It’s just too easy

I’ve been researching why there are sanctions on Myanmar. Just too easy

“If you remind us of Nazis we don’t like you” – that is the highest law of the political theology that the US adheres to and exports. And if you’re not liked, you’re going to starve

Similar to the way a certain other persecuted minority is treated, it’s easy to find talk about the suffering of the Rohingya at the hands of the Buddhist majority and it’s not so easy to find why those Buddhists would treat them that way.

I don’t expect to win many friends with this way of looking at the world. After all, it wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that the Rohingya have been being “genocided”. My question to my enemies is, is there no type of people that would deserve genocide? “Of course not, except Nazis maybe” would be their response. So okay, what this says to me is that they believe that no one exists who could cause destruction to society, and the only people who truly cause destruction to society are those who want to get rid of people who cause destruction to society. Notice the contradiction? They believe implicitly that there’s nothing anyone can do to make society worse for everyone else. And if anyone tries to claim that yes indeed there are types of people who can destroy society, the ones who make that claim should be kicked out instead. One stereotype that I did find about the Rohingya is that they’re rapists. How about that? Pretending for a moment that the stereotype is accurate, would you say that rapists should be kicked out of society?

Muslims aren’t exactly renowned for their impulse-control – they temper that in their own societies with burkas and hijabs. With women around who don’t wear what many would consider excessive covering, they are prone to rape, at least relative to other peoples. So the way I see it, at this early point of my investigation into this issue, is that the US has imposed sanctions against a country for driving a people prone to rape out because it reminded them too much of the Holocaust oy vey! The Myanmar people have to starve to death if they remind us of that!

See, it’s a mystery to me why looking at the world this way causes me to make enemies. Ultimately I believe it’s due to the post-war people of the west being fundamentalist value-relativists. “There’s nothing anyone can do wrong to deserve harsh treatment.” Yes, there’s lots of things people can do to deserve that, and if that makes me a Nazi then…

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