Many who have survived the last few hundred years have survived because they had a double-consciousness. We cannot understand how many years this goes back, probably thousands. People with some awareness of realpolitik who carry on in the population without voicing any disagreement, in order to survive. This is probably ancient. We have the Internet now. It’s time to start writing pdfs using tek that allows you to never, never be discovered. This is going to be essential to the next step. People with a double-consciousness being able to speak with no consequences. There must be a way to facilitate this. Just think of this site as a prototype of a new global space-station, that is not global because it is orbital. Why don’t more people write a screed against political correctness anonymously then put it into a folder of people who think similar to them?

The answer is that the covert agencies still monitor them and they’re paranoid about it. Write something anonymously against the established order, talking about CIA agents strung up upside-down [banned content]. Write about any of those

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